Experiencing One Of These Car Issues? It's Time To Call A Towing Service

Posted on: 6 June 2016

It's never a good sign to see, feel, hear or smell that something is going wrong with your vehicle. In a perfect world, you'll encounter any automotive issues in your driveway and can call a mechanically inclined friend to pay you a visit. In many cases, however, you'll experience problems while you're driving — and have to quickly decide whether you should head home, drive straight to a garage, or pull over and call for a tow. While many automotive issues can withstand a few more minutes of driving as you make your way to a garage, others will dramatically worsen unless you stop right away. Here are some issues that call for you to stop right away and summon help from a towing service.

Broken Serpentine Belt

If you ever hear a thumping noise from under your hood that suddenly stops, quickly look in your rear-view mirror. In many cases, this noise is indicative of a serpentine belt that has either broken or worked its way loose — and you'll often see the belt bouncing around on the road behind you. While your car will indeed drive without the belt, it's imperative that you pull over in a safe location and call a towing service. The belt plays many roles, including cooling your engine, and driving without the belt means that you're at risk of overheating.

Underinflated Spare Tire

A flat tire is never something you want to encounter, but popping your trunk and grabbing the spare tire can quickly have you back on the road. However, if you pull the spare tire out of its mount and can feel that it's dramatically underinflated, you should avoid putting it on. It's not safe to drive on a spare tire in this condition, and it's certainly not advisable to continue driving with your original flat tire; doing so can damage the wheel and cause major problems. In this situation, a towing service is your best bet.

Drop In Oil Pressure

Your car can slowly leak oil for a variety of reasons, but it's an immediate cause for concern if you lose your oil pan's plug while driving. You'll know this issue has occurred because you'll see your oil pressure light come on and a look in your mirror will reveal oil on the road behind you. You can do irreparable damage if you continue driving; pull over as soon as possible and wait for a tow, such as from Superior Towing.