Two Questions To Ask When Calling A Tow Truck Company

Posted on: 17 November 2015

Unless you're planning to have your vehicle transported to the auto shop for some long needed repairs, you probably only call for towing services when you're in an emergency.  Because of this, it can be easy for you to forget to ask some very important questions because you just want to be helped.  However, there is important information that you need to gather from the tow truck company before letting them assist you.  Learning more about the right questions to ask can help ensure that you have a pleasant experience the next time you call upon the assistance of a tow truck service.

Will My Car Be Towed With A Flatbed Tow Truck?

One of the most critical questions that you need to ask when seeking the help of a tow truck is whether or not your vehicle will be towed with a flatbed towing truck.  This query is absolutely vital, since it could make the difference between an automobile that arrives at its new location unscathed, and a car that sustains damage.

The reason why this is such a compelling question is because there are generally two traditional towing methods:  Hook-and-chain and flatbed.  The hook and chain method may not be the ideal technique because it involves attaching a hook to the drivetrain rack beneath your car.  If this is not done by an experienced individual, the hook could place too much strain on the drivetrain, causing a dent to the rack that could eventually throw your car out of alignment.

With flatbed towing, your entire vehicle is hoisted up onto the truck, with the tires being secured in place with locks.  Nothing under your car is touched, so there is less of a chance that something will be damaged during transport.

Am I Charged A Flat Rate, Or By-The-Mile?

Another question that you don't want to forget about during a towing emergency involves whether you'll be charged a flat rate or by-the-mile.  When you are charged a flat rate, it includes a set number of miles that you are able to travel for a flat fee.  Charging by-the-mile is a bit more open ended, since you are charged a dispatch fee, and then each mile has a separate charge.  Charging by-the-mile could also mean that there will be fuel fees, so this question is a very important one.

Asking the right questions is the key to making sure that you're pleased with the tow truck company that you select.  When you need to tow your car, remember these questions so you can have peace of mind.