Ways To Transport Your Car During A Relocation

Posted on: 7 August 2015

When you're relocating, getting your car to your destination isn't always simple. If you've rented a self-move truck to haul your belongings, what are you supposed to do about bringing your car? Here are your options, with the pros and cons of each.

Tow Dolly

A tow dolly is a trailer that you tow behind your truck rental. A dolly lifts up the front two wheels of your car, while the two back wheels roll along on the road. The car is secured with chains and ratchet-style straps that wrap around the tires and prevent the car from sliding off the dolly.

The main benefit of a tow dolly is that it is often the least expensive towing option. However, the wear and tear on the back tires as they roll along the road make tow dollies best suited for shorter moves only.

Auto Transport Trailer

An auto transport trailer is specifically designed to carry cars so they are completely off the road. Two ramps slide out from the back of the trailer and you drive the car up onto the trailer. All four wheels are off the road as you tow the car behind the rental truck.  The car is secured with straps and chains.

Since all four wheels are off the road, there is no wear and tear on the tires, making this a suitable choice for cross country moves of any distance.

Inside Truck Transport

If you have a mini car, it might be possible to haul it inside the back of the truck. You would rent ramps to drive the car into the rental truck, and then use straps to prevent the car from lurching at stops and bends in the road. Before considering this option, you would need to clear it with the truck rental company to make sure the truck hauling capacity is suitable.

Using this option, you could pack some of your belongings inside the car to make use of the empty space. An added benefit is that your car would be totally protected from the elements, like ice and snow, during the move.

Second Driver

You could have a family member follow along in the car behind the truck as you're driving to your new location. Of course, this does put a lot of unnecessary mileage and tire wear on your car. It would also cost almost twice the fuel because you have to fuel the truck plus the car.

Towing Service

Vehicles are commercially transported across the country every day. Semi tractor trailers transport multiple cars and drop them off at dealerships and residences. Your car could be one of them. For a fee, a towing service will pick up your car and bring it to your destination for you. All you have to do is make the arrangements and be on the receiving end when it arrives.

Your final decision on how to get your car to your new location should be based on your budget, the distance of the move and how much wear you're willing to put on your car.