Myths and Misconceptions Concerning Towing Services

Posted on: 15 June 2015

As a regular driver, there are certain things that you come to rely on when you are on the road. You depend on your own ability to change a flat tire, locals to give you directions when you are lost, and perhaps most importantly, towing services to rescue you when you are stranded. Even as widely used as towing services may be, you may be a bit surprised at how many misconceptions you have about them. Here are a few of the biggest misconceptions concerning towing services, and the real facts you should know as a driver.

Misconception: You should really only call on a tow truck for help if your vehicle is broken down.

Fact: It does not matter what you need help with as a driver, it is highly likely that a tow truck driver can help. Many companies offer services ranging from helping motorist retrieve their keys from a locked car to even just the dispatchers giving directions if you are lost. You can depend on a towing company to bring you gas if you overestimate your fuel mileage, bring you a specific part if you need it, and even get a jump for a dead battery.

Misconception: Tow truck drivers will expect that you pay them for their services up front.

Fact: It is not feasible that every time a driver gets stranded, they will have the money on them to pay for services right away. Therefore, most companies will work with you to set up a payment arrangement or will just send you a bill for their services later on.

Misconception: If you drive a larger vehicle, there is no point in calling a tow truck for help if you are stranded.

Fact: It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you drive, most towing services have some type of vehicle they can use to help you out. Many offer flat-bed towing for larger vehicles and some even have semi-trucks capable of towing just about anything. If the towing company you call cannot help you out, they can likely get you in touch with one that can.

When you take some time to recognize some of the misconceptions that you have about towing services, it is easy to see that they are even more valuable than you thought. Talk to a towing company like Connolly's Towing Inc about any further misconceptions you think you might have and there is no doubt you will find that you rely on them much more as a driver.